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FINRA Requests Comment on a Concept Proposal to Restructure the Representative-Level Qualification Examination Program

FINRA, in Regulatory Notice 15-20, is requesting comment on a concept proposal to restructure the current representative-level qualification examination program into a format whereby all potential representative-level registrants would take a general knowledge examination and an appropriate specialized knowledge examination to reflect their particular registered role. For purposes of this proposal, the general knowledge examination...
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SEC Approves Amendments to MSRB Rule G-14 and Real-Time Transaction Reporting System

The MSRB received approval from the SEC to amend MSRB Rule G-14, on transaction reporting, and the Real-Time Transaction Reporting System (RTRS) information system and subscription service. The amendments become effective on May 23, 2016. To provide time for brokers/dealers to undertake programming changes to implement the amendments, and to provide an adequate testing period. The MSRB anticipates publishing updated technical specifications...
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FINRA Requests Comment on a Proposed Rule to Require Delivery of an Educational Communication to Customers of a Transferring Representative

In Regulatory Notice 15-19, FINRA is seeking comment on a proposed rule that would require a member firm that hires or associates with a registered representative (recruiting firm) to provide an educational communication to former retail customers who the member, directly or through the transferring representative, attempts to induce to transfer assets to the recruiting...
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